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Membership & Meetings
Membership Cost: 
Dues $40.00/year for individuals; $60/year for families
Meetings Held: 
2:00 PM - 2nd Sunday of each month  unless otherwise noted

For over 155 years, the Grange movement has been part of our American landscape with a Grange Hall in almost every community.  Granby Grange #5 last reorganized in 1926 and in 2022 a small group of Grange members undertook an intensive Membership Reinvigoration Campaign. The initial result of this campaign was the record-breaking new member obigation ceremony in January 2023 when 29 new members joined Granby Grange. 

Membership is open to all!  Anyone interested in our community, enjoys serving others, cares about our agricultural economy, is passionate about environmental conservation, and wants to make a positive impact is invited to join Granby Grange.  Anyone 13 1/2 years of age and older is welcome to join and you do not need to live in Granby to be a member.  Youth are welcome too in our Junior's program.  We have no minimum attendance or service requirements. For more information or for a membership application, please contact Carol Innes at annabelletheclown@gmail.com or 860-205-0162.

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